How far can you get?

Be our hero FlyDog e catch the max of stars possibles avoiding the bombs by all sky. Be the number one on the ranking!

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Game's Rules

The rules of FlyDog are very simple, at the first time that you play you will learn the game.

What's the game?

Be our hero FlyDog e catch the max of stars possibles avoiding the bombs by all sky. Be careful! You will have only 3 lifes and each bomb that hit you...guess what? You lose 1 life.

Catch how many stars you can.

Each star is equivalent a one point. How much more star better will be your qualification on Ranking...yes, FlyDog have a ranking and you goal is be the best!

Stay tuned in the surprises

You have only 3 lifes, but stay tuned on you jump!
ANYTIME one life will show up in the case of you lose one. Catch it as you catch the stars.
Heyyy...exists potions that equip our dog!

Catch the potions

The potions allow our hero become a new powerful dog!
Each type hero have characteristics that will give you momentary advantages. How momentary? Yes, skills with limited time.

Your goal is the top!

Verify frequently your position on the ranking. Play as much as you can to be one the 1st.
FlyDog is accessible to all world so the ranking is worldwide!

With one command
you will be our hero!

FlyDog is so simple that will you learn at the same minute.

With simple touchs on the screen you control our hero.
See the game play to understand how control the dog.

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